How To Use A Multipurpose Scaffold In Your Industrial Facility

Industrial facilities often rely on scaffolding to provide workers with a safe platform upon which workers can operate equipment and perform tasks within your facility. One type of scaffolding that you may benefit from renting is a multi-purpose scaffolding platform.

Utilizing Multipurpose Scaffolds 

If your building needs to carry out maintenance tasks or install machinery, it makes sense to rent a scaffolding platform that is multi-purpose. It can be wheeled to the location where it will be put to use. The worker can perform his job on a safe and level platform.

Creating a Safe Working Environment

The purpose of a scaffold is to perform a level work area so that your employee is less likely to fall and can perform their work more easily. However, you'll need to make sure to rent a scaffold that can handle the work environment. For example, if it is exposed to corrosive materials, it must hold up against these substances.

If the scaffold will be operated under very cold conditions, the work platform must be designed to take into account the buildup of ice so that workers will not slip and fall. 

Integrating Scaffolds Into Your Workflow

It must also have the carrying capacity to handle the weight of both the worker and also the equipment. For example, the worker might need to bring a heavy air compressor. Getting onto and off of the platform also needs to be easy with access systems such as ladders.

You might need stairs and planks to access a scaffold when you cannot erect a large scaffold due to the irregular shape of your building and pipes that might get in the way.

Preventing Falls

Guardrails are an important part of a scaffolding system because workers can sometimes be working at very high elevations. A tube and clamp scaffolding system can lock the guardrail into place even with difficult erections so that the workers are kept safe.

Setting Up Multipurpose Scaffolding Platforms

Multipurpose scaffolding platforms are easy to set up. A single staff member can wheel the platform out and put it away when it is no longer needed. They can also be stacked on top of each other in case a single scaffold is not high enough.

Make sure to explain to the rental company the needs of your facility and they'll provide you with the ideal scaffold for you. The rental can then be returned to the rental company so it is not taking up space.

Contact a scaffolding rental service to learn more.