Four Common Little Habits That Are Bad For Your Septic System

If your septic system is properly used and cared for, you should never even notice that it's there, and you should only need to have it pumped out every three years or so. The problem is that many people do not use and care for their systems properly. They engage in common, little habits that they don't even realize are bad for their septic system -- and as a result, they end up with problems  like sewage backups and tank overflows, or find that they need to have their system pumped out often.

Installing A Lift Kit And New Brake Lines In Your Four Wheeler

Four-wheeler and all-terrain vehicle aficionados who enjoy doing their own upgrades to their machines may want to try installing a lift kit. Inexpensive lift kits that run under $200 can raise the machine up between 2 and 3 inches, and are relatively simple for mechanics of all levels to add. Steps to Installing a Front Lift Kit Installation is relatively easy with these smaller lift kits. You'll start by jacking up your machine securely and removing the tires.

Two Hose Fitting Questions You Need Answered

Industrial hoses will often be subjected to intense stresses on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, this can lead to some problems with them as they age. For those that are just starting their own business that requires these devices, it may be beneficial to have the following couple of questions answered about hose fittings so that you can get the most from your company's hoses. How Can You Tell If Your Hose Fittings Are Needing To Be Replaced?

3 Advantages Of Using Cold Rolled Steel For Your Next Project

If you need to complete a welding or machining project, you are most likely going to be doing a lot of work with steel. When forming steel, you essentially have two major choices to choose from: cold rolled steel or hot rolled steel. Hot rolled steel involves actually heating the steel up to a very high temperature whereas cold rolled steel can be shaped without these extreme temperatures. Here are 3 more reasons why cold rolled steel might be the way to go for your next project.

4 Common Maintenance Issues In Centrifugal Blowers

Centrifugal blowers contain a myriad of moving parts -- and, as with any equipment that includes moving parts, it needs to be properly maintained (for further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from http://www.compressor-pump.com). Luckily a centrifugal blower's components are primarily fan mechanisms, which are constructed of fairly simple components. When issues do occur, they are usually due to a few common issues.  1. Leaking Seals Frequently leaking seals are generally due to environmental issues, such as either excess heat or excess cold.