The Installation Of An Aboveground Septic System

If soil conditions are poor and the water table is high within the region where a septic system was initially going to be installed, the person who is hired to perform the installation may recommend the installation of an aboveground system. A sewage tank and lines need to be approved for liquid and solid waste. There will be some variables that may affect what type of tank model is needed and the permanent location of the tank.

Tanks With Chambers And An Assessment

A septic tank will contain dual chambers where solid and liquid waste is stored. This type of tank will use a filtering system that will separate solids from liquids. A tank installer will assess the size of a home or business, the number of occupants, and the layout of the property that surrounds a house or a business.

This assessment will help a tank technician determine an adequate size for an aboveground system. Additionally, a tank technician will outline the best location for the new setup. Since a tank will need to be emptied on occasion, there will need to be enough clearance for a septic tank pumper to access the tank.

Underlying Issues

If the soil or the water table has contributed to a portion of land being unsuitable for an underground installation, a complete inspection of the land should be conducted. The location where a tank is installed should not be prone to flooding. If the land tends to be marshy, the installation of a concrete slab may be necessary.

A concrete slab will provide adequate support for an aboveground septic system. An installer will need to configure the septic lines that will run from the indoor plumbing to the new tank. An aboveground system may use flexible or rigid piping. A septic tank can have fencing panels installed around it. A gated entryway can be used to prohibit anyone from entering the area where a tank is installed.

Since a service technician will need to have access to an aboveground system, a lock should not be installed on the gate. The omission of a lock will ensure that a service technician can access the aboveground system, even in the event that a property owner is not at home at the time that a technician will be performing septic services. Fencing panels can be constructed of a chain-link material that a standard residential or commercial fence may be constructed of.

Call a tank supplier if you need help with a tank installation