Why You Should Opt For True Solid Brass Instead Of A Plated Option

Are you looking to introduce brass to your home during a remodel? Do you need to build a metal structure of some type within your facility and are looking at different materials that you could go with? When it comes to brass, there's the solid variety, which is brass all the way through, but there is also a plated option. Here's what the difference is and why it might be best to reach out to a local provider that can offer a solid brass supply or brass fixtures for your home or business.

Plated Brass Only Provides a Thin Layer of the Material That You Want

Plated brass typically only has brass on its top layer. The material is added on top of another material like steel or zinc. Plated brass might be less expensive than solid brass because it uses a less expensive material underneath, and that can make it appealing to some people. But if you are going for true brass quality, then solid brass is the only real option to consider.

Solid Brass Will Be More Durable Over Time

When you choose solid brass instead of plated brass, you can help ensure that the entire fixture or structure will be far more durable over time. Brass fixtures age beautifully and, with proper cleaning, should last for many years without much additional maintenance needed. With solid brass, all you need to do is take some time to polish it up and your fixture could potentially still look amazing when you pass it down to your grandchildren.

From a business perspective, using solid brass materials can help ensure immense durability for your customers or clients with whatever product you are creating and selling. With plated brass, the client may find that the top layer may end up rubbing off or decaying over time, leaving the other material underneath exposed. Plated brass needs to be replaced much more often than solid brass because once the thin layer of brass on top wears off, the remaining material will likely begin to rust. Using solid brass materials may help your company create a reputation for long-term quality.

Contact a Brass Supply Expert Today

Whether you are going for an antique look for a certain fixture or want to create products for your clients that will stand the test of time, solid brass can help you get the job done. It will cost more money than plated brass, but you might come out ahead in the long run.

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