Choose An Ice Machine For Your Business

If you are interested in a way to produce larger volumes of ice than what bagged products supply, explore commercial ice machine options. The type of ice product, how ice will be accessed, and the amount of room that you have reserved for ice equipment are variables to consider before purchasing an ice machine.

Cubes, Nuggets, And Flakes

Ice cubes, nuggets, and flakes are often used to chill drinks and preserve food products. Cubes melt slowly and can be used to maintain the full flavor of a drink. The cube size will determine how quickly a beverage or food product will chill.

Nuggets are often oblong in shape and are a fraction of the size of a cube. More ice pieces may be needed to fill a glass or a display case than cubed products. Due to the small size of an ice nugget, this type of ice will melt quickly.

Ice flakes are flat and may be rectangular or square-shaped. This type of ice is often used to preserve products that will be on display. Fresh fish or steaks can be wedged into a layer of ice flakes without compromising the appearance of a food product. A standard ice machine may make one type of ice. A fancier unit may contain an adjustable feature that will support the production of various ice types.

Ice Head And Bin, Storage Maker And Chest, Or A Counter Model

The ice head and bin contain a modular ice maker and a storage bin. This type of unit is suitable for businesses where ice will need to be retrieved numerous times of the day. An ice head and bin can be installed in an area that customers frequent, which will allow patrons to obtain the amount of ice that they prefer.

An ice storage maker and chest can mass-produce ice pieces but will not take up as much room as a bin. This type of product can fit under a counter or along a wall and will supply an easy way for kitchen staff to acquire the ice they need.

A counter model can be used to fill cups or other small containers. This type of model contains a storage reservoir and a dispenser. Some counter models contain a water maker and an ice maker. If your industry serves chilled water or if both water and ice are used to create custom beverages, this type of unit may be the best fit for your business.