Protecting Industrial Rubber From Sunlight And Heat

Any equipment part that you buy and have installed is a part that you want to keep in good shape. If the equipment you have is constantly exposed to excessive heat or sunlight, then the parts of the equipment that are made of rubber could have an especially tough time. The parts could dry out and fail prematurely, and that could lead to work stoppages you don't need. You can configure the equipment setup and the parts themselves to better withstand the heat and light.

Choose Your Material Carefully

Heat can be a real killer of industrial rubber if you don't choose the type of rubber carefully. Several types have been created and are in use that have better heat resistance. You want to choose something that will allow gaskets and other rubber parts to work for a long time without cracking or disintegrating. If you're getting custom rubber products, then you should be able to find out which types of rubber are available from the custom parts manufacturer.

Can You Shade the Part?

It may sound obvious to ask about shading rubber gaskets and other parts from the sun, but people don't always think of it. If you can erect a sunshade or awning over the equipment, or place UV window film on glass panes that are next to the equipment, then you can at least reduce the risks from exposure to sun and UV light. You'd still have to worry about ozone and some heat, however. If it's not possible to shade the equipment, then you really have to be sure that you get custom-made rubber parts that can survive those conditions.

Shield as Much of the Rubber From Electrical Equipment as You Can

Given that some of these rubber products might be used in electrical equipment, the idea of shielding the rubber from that equipment sounds strange. But any rubber parts that don't need to be near the electrical equipment do need to be shielded or moved away. Electrical equipment can produce ozone through sparking, and that ozone can damage the rubber over time. If you have any rubber parts that you can't keep away from electrical equipment, keep extra copies of those parts on hand for more frequent repairs.

It's easy to find manufacturers who will custom-make rubber parts for your equipment. Contact a custom rubber parts manufacturer to find out what information they need about the conditions the rubber will be in so they can help you choose the right materials.