3 Instrumental Tips When Choosing Pipe Hangers For Suspension Applications

If your operations deal with pipes, there may be times when you have to position them on a structure or another piece of equipment. For these hanging purposes, you would want to invest in some plastic pipe hangers. There are many varieties today, but with these tips, you can make the correct investment for your work-related operations. 

Look For a Weatherproof Design

If your pipes are being suspended in environments that are rugged and exposed to the elements — such as outside — then you need to make sure the pipe hangers you choose can last in said environments. They can if you look for hangers that are completely weatherproof.

No matter what elements come in contact with your hangers, they'll retain their structural integrity and will resist damage caused by rust. It should say in the pipe hanger's description of whether or not it's weatherproof. Get this confirmation before proceeding with the purchase. 

Assess Pipe Diameters

Pipe hangers come in different sizes today. It's important to get this attribute down perfectly because if you don't, your hangers may not competently support the pipes you need suspended. What you need to do is assess the diameter of your pipes before buying any hangers for them.

If you don't already know the diameter of your pipes, take measurements yourself. Make sure you're extremely accurate when doing so. After acquiring these figures, you can ensure you get pipe hangers with compatible dimensions that offer a secure fit.

Opt For Flexible Design

It's important to remember that your pipes may expand and contract based on the temperatures they're exposed to. As a result, you need pipe hangers that can support this expansion and contraction cycle. Otherwise, your pipes may damage the hangers and then your pipes may fall down without you even knowing it.

To prevent this from happening, try getting pipe hangers with a flexible design. Typically, synthetic materials have a flexible design that can support pipes that expand and contract on a frequent basis. With a flexible design, you can feel better about your hangers lasting and fulfilling their assigned role for a long time. 

When it comes to the suspension of pipes — be it for industrial or plumbing applications — plastic pipe hangers are extremely helpful components. If you're looking to buy some, take your time weighing important details like design, composition, and size. Assessing these details will guide you to the perfect purchase.