Two Hose Fitting Questions You Need Answered

Industrial hoses will often be subjected to intense stresses on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, this can lead to some problems with them as they age. For those that are just starting their own business that requires these devices, it may be beneficial to have the following couple of questions answered about hose fittings so that you can get the most from your company's hoses.

How Can You Tell If Your Hose Fittings Are Needing To Be Replaced?

In order to avoid the hoses suffering a major malfunction, it is important for you to know when it is necessary to change the fittings. Changing the fittings on your hoses can greatly increase their lifespan as well as improve the safety of those that must work on or around the hoses.

To minimize the risk of a failure, you should have all the hose fittings inspected on a regular basis. During this inspection, you will need to ensure that the hose is not starting to develop corrosion. If you notice rust on the fitting, it should be replaced, because there is no way to determine whether the rust has compromised the structural integrity of the fitting. In addition to looking for corrosion, you should also check to verify that the hoses have not come loose. The pressure that they must withstand can cause the fitting to loosen or warp, which also requires the fitting to be replaced.

What Can Be Done To Extend The Life Of Your Hose Fittings?

Hose fittings can be somewhat expensive to purchase, but they are essential for securely holding the hose in place. Yet, many new business owners fail to realize there are steps that can greatly extend the usable life of their hose fittings.

Fortunately, creating a maintenance schedule for your hose fittings does not require many steps. These devices should have waterproofing sealant applied to them to prevent corrosion from happening. Also, you can limit the risk of corrosion developing by installing dehumidifiers in the room with the hose fittings. Sadly, there is little that can be done to prevent warping other than ensuring the fittings are not over-tightened.

Hose fittings are critical components that your business may require, and if you are unfamiliar with these devices it can be difficult for your enterprise to get the most from these components. Learning how you can tell the hose fittings are needing to be replaced and the steps for extending the life of the hose fittings will help you ensure this aspect of your business is as efficient as possible.

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