3 Advantages Of Using Cold Rolled Steel For Your Next Project

If you need to complete a welding or machining project, you are most likely going to be doing a lot of work with steel. When forming steel, you essentially have two major choices to choose from: cold rolled steel or hot rolled steel. Hot rolled steel involves actually heating the steel up to a very high temperature whereas cold rolled steel can be shaped without these extreme temperatures. Here are 3 more reasons why cold rolled steel might be the way to go for your next project.

Cold Rolled Steel Is Firmer

If you need your steel to be especially sturdy, cold rolled is the way to go. Because of the extreme temperatures that hot rolled steel is exposed to, the material can end up being easier to move or bend once it cools back down. If you want your steel to have zero chance of bending and to stand as firm as a wall, cold rolled is the way you want to go. This is why cold rolled steel is popular in kitchen appliances like stoves, ovens and other devices where you want the steel to hold up for a long time.

Little Waste

When you are cold rolling steel, you can usually start with the same amount of material that you would like to finish with. This is because when you are welding cold-rolled steel, very little of it will melt away. Compare this with hot rolled steel and the differences are drastic. By heating hot rolled steel up to more than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, you will be getting a material that is much more flexible but you will also lose a good chunk of the steel in the process as it turns to liquid and then returns to its solid state.

Less Time to Make

Finally, cold-rolling steel is the way you want to go if you are on a strict timetable. Because the steel does not need to cool as much as hot-rolled steel, it will take a shorter time to manufacturer overall and will help you ensure a quicker delivery to your clients.

When deciding how you want to craft your next batch of steel for your welding project, consider that cold rolled steel is firmer, will not produce as much waste material during the process of formation and will help you get the entire job done more quickly than hot rolled steel. If you are not sure if you are up to the task of making your own steel, contact a professional welder or industrial supplies company like A & C Metals - Sawing for assistance.