3 Features To Look For When Investing In A New Wire Crimping Machine

Having access to the most advanced machinery available on the market can increase profitability for your company. If your industrial activities create the need for crimped wire, you likely use a wire crimping machine to help get the job done.

If the time to invest in a new machine to handle your wire crimping needs has arrived, here are three features you should be watching for as you evaluate potential replacement machines in the future.

1. Look for a machine that has quick changeover capabilities.

The ability to produce goods in small lot sizes is dependent on your factory's ability to change the dies that facilitate wire crimping. By investing in a machine with quick changeover capabilities, you will reduce the amount of time it takes to switch out the dies on your machine from hours to about 10 minutes.

Speeding up your changeover times will give you more flexibility when it comes to creating specialized small lots that better serve the needs of your customers.

2. Look for a machine that can be run by a computer.

Reducing employee error can be a simple way to increase your company's profits. By investing in a machine that has the capability of being run by a computer, you eliminate the need for employees to run your wire crimping machines.

A machine that has a programmable logic controller (PLC) allows you to set a standardized program that will be executed without error. The PLC helps you achieve consistency when it comes to wire crimping and eliminates human interference in the crimping process.

3. Look for a machine that can perform multiple functions.

When you invest in a wire crimping machine that has the ability to perform multiple functions, you can reduce your equipment expenses in the future. Tinning, which is the process of turning stranded wires into a single, solid wire, can prevent your crimped wires from fraying over time.

If you want to incorporate tinning into your production, then investing in a crimping machine that also has tinning capabilities could be an affordable solution.

Purchasing new industrial equipment represents a significant financial investment, so it's essential that you take the time to find the machine that best suits your manufacturing needs. When shopping for a new wire crimping machine, look for a machine with quick changeover capabilities, programmable logic controller, and the ability to perform multiple functions in order to maximize the return on your investment.