Why Does Your Soda Go Flat?

Soda is made from a syrup that contains dissolved CO2, which is used to preserve the syrup and give it a tangy, citrusy flavor. This carbonation is what makes soda so tingly going down. Unfortunately, sodas start the process of going flat as soon as they're opened. The more you know about why sodas go flat and how you can prevent that from happening, the more enjoyment you'll get out of your soda.

What causes soda to go flat?

CO2 is dissolved into soda at high pressures and low temperatures. When a bottle or can of soda is opened, the CO2 converts into gas and bubbles up through the liquid. As the liquid warms up, the carbon dioxide gathers energy to escape the drink and the rate of CO2 loss increases.

How can you stop your soda from going flat?

One of the terrible Catch-22 scenarios that soda drinkers encounter all the time is the fact that large plastic bottles of soda are often cheaper than cans, but too big to drink all at once. Before the soda is finished, it may have gone flat. This affects not only the texture of the drink but the flavor as well. Luckily, there are a few ways you can stop this problem from occurring.

  • Buy soda that's been stored refrigerated. Soda that has been stored cold will start off with more carbonation than soda that has been stored in a warm environment. 
  • Pay attention to the sell-by date. The sell-by date on 2-liter bottles of soda is usually found on the cap or around the neck. Although the sell-by date is not exactly an expiration date, sodas will lose their fizz over time, and the more you surpass that sell-by date, the less fizz you're likely to have when you open it.
  • Seal the bottle tight. Once you've opened a bottle of soda, pour it quickly and seal it again right away. Seal it tightly to keep the contents under pressure and to reduce unnecessary exposure to air.
  • Store your soda at temperatures that are as cold as they can get without freezing. Keep your refrigerator as cold as you can without freezing the contents. The lowest safe temperature for your refrigerator will depend on the refrigerator model and the contents of the fridge. Fridges that are very full tend to freeze things at the back, and that can cause your soda to burst. Experiment with your fridge to find the best temperature for your foods and drinks.

If you're really invested in the idea of keeping your sodas fizzy, there are a variety of products on the market that are designed to put CO2 back in the bottle after it's opened. In reality, the best way to enjoy a fizzy soda is to drink it when you open it. Once soda's been opened, its flavors can change, and restoring fizz to the soda may not fully revive the flavor. For more information, speak with professionals like the Terry Supply Co.