Shortages On Heating Oil Cause Prices To Jump: How To Get Your Heating Oil For Less

The last few winters have been quite brutal all over the country. To make matters worse, the price of heating oil jumped and price-gouging by some companies began. As people struggled to get enough heating oil delivered to keep their homes warm, many oil companies started running out. News stories featured elderly people staying and sleeping in their front rooms with space heaters, mittens, hats, and blankets to keep them warm. Shortages are expected to continue and prices are expected to jump again this year. Here is how to get your heating oil and heating oil services for less.

Do NOT Wait for Prices to Drop

In the past, you could fill your oil tank with just enough oil to get you over the mid-hump of winter when prices would drop. With the shortages in recent years, there is not likely going to be a month or day when the prices will drop. Waiting for that to happen may only cause you to fall short on oil and funds and have it delivered. Do not wait for oil prices to drop after the middle of winter. Buy your oil as soon as you can find the lowest available price and then buy enough to fill your tank all the way.

Buy from Domestic (not Foreign) Oil Companies 

Heating oil services often purchase oil from half a globe away. This drives the price per barrel up, and the expense could be passed on to you, the customer. If you can, research the heating oil companies in your area to see which ones deal in domestic oil rather than imported or foreign. Domestic oil is harvested from Texas, Canada, Alaska and the Plains states and as such, will cost less to buy and less to fill your heating tank all winter.

Buy as Far in Advance to Winter as You Can

Lots of homeowners and apartment managers tend to wait until the first snowflake falls before placing an order for heating oil. While that may help you accrue enough money for a shipment of heating oil, it also means you will pay more because this is the time everyone else thinks about heating oil refills. If your tanks are not currently empty, at least fill them to the their maximum capacity so that you do not pay a late season surcharge on your heating oil at the beginning or middle of winter.

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